Industrial grade medium alkali free fiberglass cloth

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Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has many kinds of advantages, such as good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but its disadvantages are brittle and poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is usually used as reinforcement material in composite materials, electrical insulation material and thermal insulation material, circuit board and other fields of national economy.

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Is a kind of inorganic nonmetal material with excellent performance, which has the advantages of good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. Glass fiber cloth product appearance is smooth, beautiful, weaving density uniform, soft, even for uneven surface laying can also have good adhesion.

Model Weave Width(mm) Weight(g/㎡) Thickness(mm)
EW/CW 3732 Twill, Satin 1m~2m Or Customized  430 0.4
EW/CW 3784 Plain, Satin 1m~2m 850 0.8
EW/CW 3786 Satin 1m~2m 1200 1.1
EW/CW 3788 Satin 1m~2m 1600 1.5
EW/CW 2523 Plain 1m~2m 400 0.35
EW/CW 600 Satin 1m~2m 660 0.6
EW/CW 666 Satin 1m~2m 660 0.6



1 .smoke retaining wall, fire protection curtain, fire protection clothing, fire blanket, welding protection blanket, fire protection curtain, fire blanket.
2. cable fire prevention.
3. Detachable insulation jacket and insulation pad.
4.shipbuilding industry to ship frame construction and repair.
5. petrochemical enterprises to metal structure insulation, insulation and need welding place.
6. aerospace, chemical, petroleum, energy, metallurgy, large power generation equipment, electrical insulation, cement, machinery, construction and other fields.
7. manufacturing copper foil laminated board as the basic material of printed circuit board.
8. for high temperature atmospheric dust removal and recovery of valuable industrial dust and other aspects. For example: cement, carbon black, iron and steel, metallurgy, lime kiln, thermal power generation and coal and other industries.
9. Soft connection of generator set, boiler and chimney, heat insulation of engine compartment.
10. used in exhaust, ventilation, ventilation, smoke, exhaust gas treatment system of pipe compensation role.
11. a variety of coating base cloth、boiler insulation、Pipe wrapping,other fire insulation system.

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