What should be paid attention to in the process of using the aluminum foil cloth in the outer insula


Aluminum foil fire-resistant fiber can also be called ceramic fiber and aluminum silicate fiber. Ceramic fiber is the main representative of fire-resistant fiber in a broad sense, which is the general name of alumina, silica, aluminum silicate and zirconia fire-resistant fiber. Meanwhile, fire-resistant fiber also includes carbon fiber, nitride fiber, boride fiber and non oxide fiber. In a narrow sense, only aluminum silicate is melted or oxidized Only the fiber with sol fibrosis can be made into ceramic fiber.

Attention of aluminum foil cloth in the process of external insulation layer:

1. Thickness of outer insulation layer: the limit value of heat transfer coefficient in energy saving design standard is the minimum requirement of the standard, and local heat bridge should be avoided. When the outer insulation system product made of steel wire mesh composite material is used, the necessary thickness of insulation layer shall be determined according to the actual measurement results. To reduce the heat transfer and heat consumption of the wall, it is not only to increase the thickness of the insulation layer. The UK regards the insulation, insulation and air tightness of the wall as a whole.

2. External insulation performance: Although the insulation has certain insulation effect, it is not equal to thermal insulation, especially in hot summer and cold winter areas. Besides the trend of climate warming, the thermal insulation performance should be considered and the measures should be strengthened.

3. Each insulation system consists of a system product, and the technical performance of each component material must meet relevant standards. The external insulation wall must be installed on the wall to form. Therefore, the system performance should be fully considered, because it bears various adverse outdoor factors and meets the requirements of thermal insulation.
Above is the precautions of aluminum foil cloth in the process of using outer insulation layer. In general, each has its own advantages. We can operate according to their own conditions. I hope that this article can help you.

Post time: May-13-2021